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Meet The Staff

Gary Ladinsky Owner - Gary Ladinsky
Gary began his career in pro audio in 1971 as a recording engineer with The Record Plant Studio in Los Angeles, CA. After years of assistant engineering and engineering experience, Gary went out on his own, working with a number of major artists. Among them: Van Morrison, The Moody Blues, Dan Fogelberg, Lynard Skynard, Cheap Trick and Blue Oyster Cult. In 1983, Gary started Design FX Audio, a company dedicated exclusively to serving the recording community with equipment and full support (RENTALS). While running Design FX, he worked as a scoring mixer on many major motion pictures and TV shows, including "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "The Naked Gun", "The Naked Gun II", "Trains, Planes & Automobiles", "Uncle Buck", "Weird Science", "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "McGyver". In 1991 Design FX Audio purchased a remote truck from The Record Plant, around which established Design FX Remote Recording (REMOTE). Extensively modified and upgraded, the Design FX Remote truck has seen action on projects ranging from operas to The Oscars.

Scott Peets Rentals Department Manager - Tony Pinnick
Tony began his musical career at age eleven. Choosing trombone as his first instrument, then adding guitar and bass to his repertoire. Music became his main focus and you could say he played his way through school. From teaching guitar, session work and touring professionally with a local band, he made a break from the Denver/Boulder Colorado area to Los Angeles in 1987. In 1987 Tony started at DFX Audio as a driver delivering equipment and learning the business while playing gigs and doing session work. Since then he has played a responsible role in about every position and schedule available. His experience qualified him for his most recent position as Rentals Manager which began in January 2006. Over the years Tony has seen many changes in the music industry, but his dedication and commitment to assisting clients has remained constant. In his free time Tony loves reading, playing guitar, songwriting and producing music from his home studio. He also likes to take naps.

Scott Peets Mixer/Director Remote Recording - Scott Peets
Scott's Engineering Credits
Scott Peets' career in the world of live sound began in 1983 when he joined SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals) in Hollywood, CA. They supply the Los Angeles area with everything from instruments to P.A.s and lighting, as well as rehearsal stages for pre tour production and video shoots. Scott spent 3 years in the sound stage department where he quickly gained experience. On any given day, he may have had Tina Turner or Joe Cocker in one room, Stevie Nicks, Yes, Deep Purple or The Commodores in the other rooms, all needing his attention to dial in their monitors and P.A.s. In his spare time, Scott mixed many live shows in various clubs in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

In 1986, needing a change of scenery, he took a job at Design FX Audio. This offered a great opportunity to learn more about the recording side of the business and leave the touring to many of his friends, whom he bumps into on many occasions while working on the remote truck. Design FX offered him an extensive education on much of the equipment used in the recording studio environment. Scott joined Design FX just as digital audio became a mainstay in recording studios. He spent his first years getting to know all the gear in the Design FX inventory intimately and spending time with engineers and their assistants in many studios setting up digital multitracks and synchronizers. In 1991 Design FX Audio purchased one of the Record Plant Remote trucks. Scott was soon involved due to his live sound engineering experience. In 1995, he took on the full time job as Director of Remote Recording. Since that time he has been involved with a variety of recordings and live broadcasts. Some of Scott's most memorable projects include The Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over Tour", The Grammys, The Academy Awards, The MTV Awards as well as engineering shows for Sting, Elton John, Clint Black, The Wall Flowers and Mary J. Blige.

On the days that Scott is free from his duties on the truck he enjoys spending time on the ice playing hockey, bike riding, attending Native American Pow Wows or just relaxing at home in Canyon Country. "The best part of my job is the excitement of getting a performance on tape as it is happening; Frampton Comes Alive is one of my favorite albums of all time. Music is the next best thing to having a personal photo album. It's a time capsule of cherished memories.....and that's the magic."

Jeff Welch Pro Tools/Systems Department Manager - Jeff Welch
Jeff joined the Design FX Systems department in fall of 1998, and it’s never been the same since. His arrival in the Systems department coincided with the release of Pro Tools version 4 and the then “New” 24 bit MIX interfaces. Times have changed and the new frontier of Pro Tools has too, now to OS X “Tiger” and Pro Tools 7.

Jeff assumed the duties of Manager of the Pro Tools/Systems department in February of 2003. With the help of an extremely capable staff and a constantly updated inventory, Jeff envisions good things to come in the future of the Systems Department.

Jeff and his wife, Julie recently celebrated their 14th year of marriage. They have three beautiful children; Emma, Calvin, and Jack. On weekends, Jeff finds himself preoccupied with children’s activities, or in laymen’s terms, babysitting.

When allowed free time, you may find Jeff on a golf course, but most likely he will be doing some assorted variety of yard work with occasional visits to the slip n’ slide, with or without the kids.

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